is it too much to ask for a book who has a serial killer as a main character but he’s so ridiculously normal and ordinary that you don’t know he’s the killer until the last sentence of the book


From Sputnik Sweetheart by Haruki Murakami


Have you ever felt insignificant in this world? It feels like you don’t fit in like an outsider; like you belong somewhere else but not here. It’s all because you really are. You’re not destined to be here on earth forever. The chapters of your life doesn’t end dying in this word, but rather living someplace much better. We belong in a place where eternity exists and somewhere we can really call home. Earth is just our temporary home, we’re just here for a purpose. Everything we have here in this world is not permanent. So don’t worry if you feel unwelcome while living your life in this world, in the right time, we will all come home. We’ll be in a place where we deserve to be. We will all be next to him. And he, himself will welcome us.

"At death you won’t leave home— you’ll go home." — Rick Warren


Yep. I know that feel bro!

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